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Service My FM Radio Aerial

Low Cost Radio Aerial

Standard Radio Aerial rouged wind resistance when installed on existing aerial pole with tv aerial. Performance is excellent and capable of mid-range reception. It also is a best seller, rated wither customers as great value and excellent.

FM & DAB Radio Aerial

DAB FM Radio Aerial

Compact FM & DAB radio aerial combined wind resistance when mounted on existing tv aerial pole. The signal on both FM and DAB has great results in mid-range radio reception. This can also be mounted into the loft if the customer requires it.

4 Element DAB Radio Aerial

DAB Radio Aerial

High-performance DAB radio aerial ideal for fringe reception signals further away up to 30 miles plus possible. It is best selling aerial for digital radio. Rated by existing customers as excellent ask our sales team for more details.

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Do You Need a Radio FM and DAB Aerial Installed.

Cambridgeshire Aerial companies are a specialist in installing DAB and FM radio aerials either outdoor or loft installations. It’s important that a proper outside¬†radio aerial needs to be installed to get the best out of your home entertainment system as digital radio can experience signal issues if the wrong type of aerial is installed.

DAB radio reception can be very annoying as like tv reception there is no tolerance so if you have spent your hard-earned money it would be a good idea to invest in a new radio aerial.

All are radio aerials have been tested and chosen for their compact design and flexibility on where the aerial can be installed.

The cost is surpassingly low for such excellent performance with FM we have found that we can achieve long-distance radio signals from over 40 miles away and the DAB radio aerial we can also achieve reception from 30 miles away for those extra radio stations that are more specialised.

Since DAB radio was launched about 10 years ago there was a very limited amount of choice as times have moved on more and more radio station have moved over from FM to DAB radio. 

You can find both BBC nationals station radio 1,2,3,4,5,6 Live Sport all local radio stations and community, specialist music radio is also catered for.

When you are ready to go ahead and enquire or book for an appointment for your new radio aerial to be installed, To give you peace of mind when the installation takes place we will discuss with you where best to install your radio aerial either outside or on the roof.

It’s also possible to have more then one connection for your radio setup, you can have anything up to 12 points if you are running a small business like a care home or bed and breakfast hotel. This type of feature can generate further income as it gives that home touch and not everybody wants to watch tv all the time.

If there is any other question please don’t hesitate on giving us a call on 01223 967 642 or file out our booking form and will be straight back to you ASAP.

Also for your peace of mind, all are radio aerials comes with a 1-5 year guarantee parts and labour. Speak to friendly and very knowledgeable engineers for further information.

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